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I reflected on the interconnected nature of health as I considered my own journey. I think the growing connections also represented my own awareness and awakening about systems. The connections were always there, I just went on a journey to realize them. I started out as a voice performance major in college. I was a single person on a stage focused on my communication with a group through my artistic activity. In sharing my interest, I gave voice lessons.

Unemployment Insurance Claims

County-level unemployment insurance data are hard to come by from the state, at least not in an easy to use format. We scrape claims data every week when an updated report is released by the state and make the data available for download here. We also share some comparisons of statewide claims versus claims for specific regions, over time.

The poor cannot afford death

Poor people can not afford to die. We do a terrible job of supporting poor people when they are alive. It should not be surprising that we do even less when they die. Average funeral costs can vary between $6,000 and $10,000. Most low-income families struggle just to meet basic needs. It is not uncommon for poor families facing the death of a loved one to be forced to do community fund raisers or secure large loans that they can't afford to pay back.

Law Enforcement Fatalities in Ohio

Recent police shootings in Columbus have fueled protests and concerns in the civil rights community, but what does a careful analysis of the data tell us about fatal police interventions in Ohio and Franklin County?

Is Southeast Ohio Headed for Trouble?

Southeast Ohio is beautful, remote and many of its residents are desperately poor. In the early phases of the pandemic, the sparsely populated region was relatively unaffected by COVID-19. That is beginning to change.

It's Not All Bad News

While it is true that COVID-19 infections are increasing at an alarming pace across Ohio, the one saving grace may be that the percentage of deaths to infections has declined. This is an important indicator that Ohio's physicians, nurses, and other health care workers have responded effectively to the deadliest challenge of the 21st Century.

Ohio COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Age

Ohio COVID-19 infections are widely distributed across all ages. Hospitalizations and deaths are disproportionately accounted by older Ohioans with serious underlying health conditions.

How does Ohio Compare?

During the early days of the pandemic, Ohio was widely lauded for its response to COVID-19, but what does recent data tell us about Ohio's performance? The following blog delves into national data and puts recent Ohio trends as of Saturday, December 12, in the broader context of national data.

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