How does Ohio Compare?

During the early days of the pandemic, Ohio was widely lauded for its response to COVID-19, but what does recent data tell us about Ohio’s performance? The following blog delves into national data and puts recent Ohio trends as of Saturday, December 12, in the broader context of national data.

Orman Hall

The COVID Tracking Project is a volunteer organization initiated by The Atlantic for the purpose of collecting and publishing national trends necessary to understand COVID-19 outbreaks throughout the United States.1

During the early months of the pandemic, Ohio’s rate of infections and overall trends in change over time were trended lower than national average. The following graph of reported infections per 100,000 population since July shows that since mid October infection rates have increased at a much more dramatic rate than national average.2

COVID-19 Infections Over Time

Source: Covid Tracking Project

Figure 1: Source: Covid Tracking Project

Similarly, a review of hospitalization rates per 100,000 shows alarming increases that also exceed national trends. While no can forecast with accuracy how infection rates will change over the next several months, there is significant cause for concern and the number of Ohio hospitalizations in November and December suggests that demand for acute hospital services for COVID-19 patients may exceed capacity in some of the more affected areas.

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Over Time

Source: Covid Tracking Project

Figure 2: Source: Covid Tracking Project

COVID-19 Deaths Over Time

Fortunately for Ohio, the death rate per 100,000 population remains at or below national average. However, since mid-October Ohio deaths have increased at a more rapid rate and are now approaching the national average.

Source: Covid Tracking Project

Figure 3: Source: Covid Tracking Project

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